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Space Art of Mark Garlick


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                    Beauty, eh!


The image above is provided for your viewing pleasure (before we proceed to the Info and Contact material).   It is meant to depict Earth as it might appear in the future from deep space; visible lights on the surface indicate extensive industry and urban sprawl--the sign of an advanced civilization (us!).



The front page, done with Cascading Style Sheets instead of tables, is based upon a template supplied by Paul O'Brien. Here is a link directly to his page for a three-column page with footer and header.



Regarding the website:


The website is meant to be a compilation of resources for people in the sciences and engineering (with special emphasis given to the aerospace sciences). Undergraduate university students, in particular, should find many of the resources convenient. It is hoped that scientific professionals, practicing in their fields, will also find many of the posted resources handy (perhaps as quick references or refreshers of material they may have been taught in school but have since forgotten).


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